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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy! [1 Spot Left]

Name: Monkey Boy

Age: 15

Gender: Boy

Hometown: Pallet Town

Appearence: Green Pants Blue Shirt ashs hat Green Gloves green eyes long black hair brown shoes pikachu backpack (Whatever I had in Black Raquaza Gem SU)

Reason For Coming To The Academy: To Learn Pokemon

Personality: Always Excited and wanting to play while enjoying his pikachu and always ALWAYS VERY OVER HYPER he loves pokemon and awsome places and to learn he also loves capturing pokemon and making great freinds. and he also wants to become the worlds BEST pokemon master!


Starter: Pikachu

Eevee Evolution: Flareon

Fossil Pokemon: Sheildon

Mini Legendary: Metagross

Baby Pokemon: Can I have Munchlax?!

Random Pokemon: Charizard

Later in the story can you trade ____ Pokemon?! How many and can we?!
Id trade Sheildon for ______
PS> Reserve me if theres ANYTHING you need me to fix in order to get into this RP

Hatch: 533
Pikachu: 578

Done: 818

[br]Click here to feed me a Poke'Block![br] Get your own Poke'plush/Pokemon at Prof. Oaks Lab in Pallet Town! !

^ ^

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