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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Tyson Jake
Besaid Island

Tyson open up his eyes as they keep shutting until he finaly open them. Tyson stood up on his two feet and began to look around. He thought and thought about where he could be. Tyson remembered this place somewhere, and there he noticed it Final Fanasty2 the video game he was at Besaid. Tyson wondered why he was here the last thing he remembered was the orb floating saying a mistake in a word he thought was powers. Tyson looked at his clothes to see he was wearing a brown hooded sweater with brown spiky hair and long dark brown baggy pants with an undershirt that was light brown with peach color skin Tyson wears fingerless gloves. Tyson's wieght is about 175 pounds and stands very tall around 5-6 feet.

"Sweet clothes," Exclaimed Tyson.

Tyson smiled with joy on his face at his cool clothes. Tyson began to say in his mind: This is all a dream a big fat joke I'm having good dreams now on and then. Thought Tyson to himself.
He continued in his mind: Yep just a big fat dream or a big fat joke. Wait how can I think while sleeping ah this must be real. Tyson walked all over the sand. Tyson picked up the sand and began to throw it in his eyes.

"Ouch, that hurts," Tyson said as the sand stung/stinged his eyes.

"I can't see. Where am I," Tyson said jumping around and around making his eye hurt worse. Tyson ran to a blue moving that cause he thought it was water it was he rubbed it on his eyes and his eyes felt better again calming him down from all his angriniess

"Okay I guess it isn't a dream but why am I on Besaid Island. This is the wierdist thing ever happen to me, and trust I have an wierd life," Tyson said thinking out loud.
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