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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Dende kicked the dirt beneath her feet. She was used to having the right answer for everything. Whenever there was a question with no real answer, she could feel the curse of frustration crawl down her spine.

"I...I'm not sure" she looked away from the determined girl, blushing slightly. This side which shone now, she did not like. She didnt like the feeling of not knowing the unknown. A Pyrefly flew past, as if taunting her of the knowledge it seemingly had, and that of which she didnt. The feeling of her dressphere pressed against her leg gave her some form of semi-correct answer. Or maybe a justifyable one. She pulled it from her side slowly, lingering so that the gleam of fiery red whisps caught Twyla's eye.

"I'm Dende. I entered a competition a few..." she trailed off as the glow of the orb and its presence sent her into a trance. Realising she was lured by the orbs deeper powers, and what sort of oddball she would look like stopping half-sentence, she snapped her eyes back up, and resumed.

"...i think what we designed has something to do with all of this. Maybe its just some sick, twisted game. But i have a slight feeling it's something bigger than what we could imagine" she smirked again, turning to look at the other few still lying in slumber.

"When" she turned back with a warm smile, "do you suppose, they will wake" she laughed, placing her hands on her hips and looking at the cold figures with a high note of sympathy.

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