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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Twyla Rebras
Zanarkand Ruins

"This is Zanarkand. Or former Zanarkand, if you will. Check out the Pyreflies" A girl smirked, nodding over to one of the floating wonders. I wonder how long she was standing there watching me go into a pathetic panic.

"If you still think this is a dream, you better wake up now" she chuckled when an ominous scream of some undescribable beast cried out in the distance.

"Well, I'm not blunt, I'm smart enough to establish that on my own thanks." I remarked rather abruptly. "Anyway, sorry for the rude comment. I'm Twyla. And if this is a dream, which I'm now doubting, then it would mean that you aren't real, which I'm sure you're not. Sorry if that sounds insulting, I don't mean it to be."

I went and took another look at my sphere. It had an indefinite sura about it, one that kept changing like it couldn't make up its mind, but there was still some entity that remained throughout. The Pyreflies circled around, there pressence most distracting but eye-catching at the same time. You could sit and watch them for hours if you were bored and still be entertained. But there was still the fact that if this wasn't a dream, then what entity brought us here, and the biggest queestion of all was 'Why were we brought here?'. I could have just said 'why', but thats always answered by 'because' and I wanted to know why I was in Spira.

"So, have any idea on how we ended up here?" I asked.
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