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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Rose Stevens
Besaid Island. 0_o

Rose was aware that she was awake, but she kept her eyes closed for a few minutes as she always did. She didn't exactly remember falling asleep, but that didn't matter to her. All she really cared about was the plush grass beneath her and the warm sun on her face. Plush grass? Warm sun? She wasn't in her room, was she? Alarmed, Rose sat up and looked around. In front of her was a sandy beach and a beautiful ocean. She wasn't exactly sure where she was, but it looked extremely familiar. Like something she'd seen in a distant memory - a dream. Ah, that's what it was: a dream. Then again, when she was dreaming, Rose generally wasn't able to realize that she was.

Rose stood up gracefully, keeping her calm poise, and looked at her attire. It definately was not she'd been wearing a little while before. She wore a blue and white dress with a floral design on the bottom and very long sleeves. Resting next to her was a staff. She picked it up and realized exactly what was going on. It was a staff just like Yuna's, in the Final Fantasy game she'd been obsessed with, and she was wearing a dress nearly identical to the character's. While a normal individual would have freaked out in this situation, Rose reacted a little differently. Her immidiate reaction was to put her hands to her gorgeous, flowing hair, making sure it wasn't cut as short as Yuna's. Sure, one may find this a bit strange, but Rose acts strange in strange situations.

After this, the real shock hit her. At that very moment, she realized she wasn't home. No, she wasn't home at all. In fact, she realized exactly where she was, but didn't dare to think it. In her other hand rested the dressphere she'd created. This wasn't what she'd signed up for at all.

"Besaid Island..."

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