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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Davion Sargtlin
Besaid Island (Not that he knows it yet.)

"I want to wake up, but I'm quite sure I would still be dreaming even if I did."

Feeling the distinct glow of the sun beating onto his face, Davion steadfastly kept both of his eyes closed as he decided exactly what it was he was supposed to do in a situation like this. He definitely did not feel as though he was at home in his bed any more, and he definitely did not feel like he was in his pajamas, or anywhere in Singapore any more for that matter. In fact, as far as he was concerned, it was probably closer to two or three countries further north.

Of course, considering the fact that he was encased in a metallic suit, he did not actually feel very much other than that distinct heat of being in a pressure cooker. How exactly he knew how it felt like to be in a pressure cooker, was a secret known only to very few. Now, that presented another problem altogether, the one which asked how exactly he got himself into a situation where he was stuffed into a suit of what was presumably armour, and how he had sand running down the visor, leaving his ears to get slowly filled with sand. It would be ridiculous, if only it was not so real.

"Alright, I'm not dreaming. Time to wake up then."

Opening his eyes, Davion found himself staring up at the sun, forcing him to shut them again lest he be blinded. At least now he knew he was outdoors, and that he was fully awake. What this meant was that he would have to crawl onto his feet and get a proper feel of what was around him, if he wished to survive this incredibly odd ordeal, which was exactly what he did. Looking around, what he saw was the sea behind him, a beach beneath him, and a forest ahead of him. All very familiar, as though he had seen them a very long time ago...


He turned his gaze onto himself, looking onto the massive armour that he wore, all very similar to the Dark Knight in so many Final Fantasy games. What was more, slotted onto his back was a massive blade, one which he proceeded to draw and examine. It was huge, as large as himself, and tough too. Much like every other part of his armour, his sword was a dark colour, black in some parts, grey in others, and dark blue in others still. It was serrated at the edge, presumably for better cutting and perhaps for the sake of style. It was all very odd, but he would have to take it all in, it was how he had survived so far.

"I knew I should never have entered that contest." Was all he said as he noticed the dressphere he had received last night lying on the floor beside him.

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