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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

We ran and we ran and we ran and we ran. Time appeared to be of the essence, so once again, as I had done not to much earlier, I picked up Gabumon and put him up on my shoulders so we could go faster. This time it went unnoticed though - it seemed that his focus on the digital gate was far more intense than anything as petty as personal decency. He merely directed me through this world that he had spent the grand total of an hour and a half in.

For the most part we ran parallel with the highway, only breaking off after about twenty minutes of running. We went very far, and it took me a long time to realise where I even was. This was only possible from the sound of plane engines roaring up nearby, when I realised that I was near the local airport. I was surprised that there were planes coming in and out at all, what with all the strange problems we'd been having, but I only took a moment to realise that many of the planes were on short-wave radios, which was the reason that this was our local airport, and not the Vancouver one. Gabumon seemed agitated by the airplanes around him, and when I asked him, I was a bit surprised by the response.

"Humans don't seem to realise yet that electrical anything just goes haywire in digital storms!" he exclaimed impatiently. I was out of breath and concentrating only on running, so I had no time for a reply. "Especially with the power of the digimon that's coming through... he's going to make a bit of a mess here." I raised an eyebrow, but kept my mouth more concentrated on breathing than making a response. Gabumon needed my help, and because of that, I felt that I could trust his word completely and that I would be safe in following him.

"There!" he exclaimed, pointing to a shimmer in the middle of the airstrip. There was something wrong with the air there... it seemed to be wavering like the air above a road might in severe heat. But that would only be an optical illusion. This, on the other hand, was very creepy. I noticed a plane in the background going back down the runway to make space for a take-off.

Then came a blast of energy from the sky, like a lightning bolt, but completely straight. It was an amazing sight, but it was quickly muddled up when a fog appeared out of what seemed to be nothing. I gasped a bit, slowing down to a halt a few metres away from where the air had been acting up and I let the fog come to me, completely emersing me and my digimon friend. My senses started acting up like crazy, and my instinct was just telling me that something big was coming. The fog stopped coming, settling where it was as if it decided that it had taken enough space and didn't need to go any farther. Before I could try to see through the fog, a loud crunching emitted into the air, and I recognised it as that of concrete cracking beneathe extreme weight.

This wasn't like Raremon, though. This was huge. I was proven right when an ear piercing roar filled the air. The fog around us started to disperse a bit, and there in the middle of the fog was not one, but two digimon. One was a huge dinosaur digimon, probably 30 feet tall. It was black with red strips in some places, and it reminded me of a T-Rex. The other one was much smaller than it's neighbour. This one was definitely a small blue dog that stood on it's hind legs, and most curious of all were the boxing gloves he wore on his upper paws.

"We're in for trouble," Gabumon said. "Those are DarkTyrannamon and Gaomon."

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