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Default Re: Phantom Hourglass

I picked up a copy of the Phantom Hourglass yesterday (I also traded in my black DS for the Crimson/Black one)
and I haven't been able to put it down. ^^; I'm so far behind in Diamond and .hack//G.U.
I've never played Zelda much but some of this game's puzzle solving is just grand. I just got to the part where i have to transfer the symbol to the map (sensorship is fun) but being used to the World Championships 2007 game play I spent around 15 minutes trying to drag-and-drop the symbol to the map. Then I got an idea, saying to myself 'there's no way..' I closed the DS and it worked. =.=

The DS continues to surprise me with not only the touch screen play, but also the mic and even the pause system effects on games.

(It's almost 3 am and my English is terrible so please forgive any grammar mistakes ^^;)
For those who don't have their Action Replay disc:
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