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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

IC: Armadillomon trotted of with Frimon wrapped around his neck. He struggled to march over the ferns, which had more height than he did. A few of the leaves were going into his open mouth and snout. Some low-lying greenery that looked similar to poison ivy rubbed against the left side of his shell.

"Serves him, leaving me with this garbage," I mumbled greedily, not caring my digimon overheard me. Shaomon was not the sort of creature I had expected to be paired with. Judging by his appearance, the dog would be completely useless if anything threatening came along. Even now he was chasing his tail with an animated exuberance. I stuck out my leg into his path. Because the animal was so focused on its tail he ran headlong into my foot.

He yiped shrilly. Even my eyes stung because of the noise it made. The high-pitched sound rang for a few seconds in my ears before I could hear anything else. When I looked down again, Shaomon was once again chasing his tail, as though nothing had happened. With indifference in my mood he smiled and shouted, "Sorry I ran into your foot! Won't do it again. Look out, something's trying to sneak up on me!" Obnoxiously loud, his barking had created a headache for me.

Enough waiting, I was going to follow Armadillomon. Who could he have to meet that was more important than me? Regardless, I was going to find out. I didn't look back at Shaomon when I asked uncaringly, "Coming?"

"But we're supposed to stay!"

"You can," I told him clearly, "But I'm going to follow Armadillomon." I kept moving, and Shaomon pouted before leaping after me. While he tried to keep pace with me his stubby little legs had him tripping over a variety of different items such as roots, rocks, lumps, and leaves. "Hurry up," I uttered, after he had just tumbled down into a puddle of semi-thick mud.

"HELP! It's quicksand!" Shaomon covered his beady black eyes using elongated ears. Splashes could be heard while he flailed his miniature paws. I covered my ears while the puppy was screaming wildly. Only did the cries stop for a moment after I knelt down beside the pool. We made eye contact and the dog blinked a few times, awaiting my aid.

Sighing, I decided to see if he would figure out that it wasn't hard for him to escape on his own. "You realize it's physically impossible for you to actually sink, right? The principles of buoyancy are on your side." Still chin-deep (about six-inches) in the muck, Shaomon only blinked a few more times; he obviously didn’t comprehend his situation. "The stuff you're in is heavier than you," I explained, "So you shouldn't be able to sink into it anymore than you have already."

He barked, bringing pain back into my head. "Don't you know anything about the Digiworld?" The bog bubbled a bit and after a slight sucking noise Shaomon was pulled in so that only his eyes and back could be spotted.

I cursed suddenly, both in shock and in knowing that a puppy had outsmarted me. Reaching an arm over the small pool of mud I pulled out my digimon by the scruff of his neck. He was dripping with digimud, so I placed him down a fair distance from myself after wiping off his fur on the bark of a nearby tree.

He brushed off against some of the ferns then freed the filthy fragments of remaining mud by shaking off. Because of his dog-like nature he insisted on doing so directly beside me. Spray flew over the pants I was wearing. With a surprising degree of difficulty I suppressed the urge to kick the animal.

"Let's just find where the armadillo went," I growled.

OOC: I have no reason to share the story from a good point of view, yet...
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