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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

I looked at the sleek and muscular Digimon. "Wow," I said softly to myself. He was so, perfect. Strong and handsome, he had to be the greatest.

"If you are done admiring my body," he said with a sigh "we have to go." His nostrils were flaring, picking up every scent possible. He looked at me with a sense of worry in his eyes that quickly faded. "But I suppose you know all about it."

"All about what?" I asked. But it was to late. He told me what to do and I complied. I held out my device and said, unbelievingly, "Digi-Port open!" A vast portal filled with swirling masses had came out of the general area my device was pointed to. "Do I go in?" I asked with a tiny bit of fear showing through. He nodded and I began to step towards it when I heard a voice.

"What are you doing Ryan?" my mom asked, stepping behind BlackAgumon.

"I'm going on an adventure," I replied, the enthusiasm replacing the fear in my voice.

"Well, okay." she said amazed and then turned and wispered to BlackAgumon what sounded like "Take care of him." I shook the thought out of my head and stepped into the portal. I felt my body become data as I took my first step into the Digital World. I found myself humming the Digi-Port music from Adventure02 as I was sucked away from the Real World.
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