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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Raine lay silently on her back on top of the purple covers of her bed. Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling, but she wasn't really looking at it. She was lost deep in thought, not over one specific matter, but just anything that crept into her mind. It had been a quiet day, giving her much time to think. One though in particular troubled her more commonly than the rest. The competition.

She sat up on her bed, unaware that she had been there for hours. Strange really, how time flew. She looked over towards her Playstation 2, where it sat under her TV, the wires all in a tangle. For a change, it wasn't a Final Fantasy disc that lay in the console. She could see her stack of Final Fantasy games, a separate pile from the other ones. She had stacked them in order and they were in a very neat pile compared to the pile of other games.

There was a knock at the door, Raine ignored it. There was no point in her rushing downstairs to open the door when her Mother, Claira, was perfectly fine getting it herself. Besides, she thought as she looked into the mirror, she wasn't exactly dressed appropriately to answer the door. She stood staring at herself in her black pyjamas, her long, black, curly hair in a ponytail. She looked away sighing, then walked over and sat before her Playstation 2.

She was in the mood now to play Final Fantasy, though she had no idea why. She looked at the selection before her and her eyes fell across X and X-2. They were her first Final Fantasy games and she felt as if she could play them over and over again. She picked up X, deciding that she would begin a new game, play through it and then start on X-2.

The alarm clock suddenly buzzed.

9 o'clock.

Why would someone be knocking at the door at this time, she though as she turned on the Playstation, now with Final Fantasy X inside it. She heard the door slam shut again and couldn't help but wonder who it had been and why they had been there. The title sequence began to play, the music that Raine loved so much ringing through the speakers.

"Raine! Come downstairs, there's something for you!" came a sudden voice she recognized as her mothers.

Raine scowled then, pressing start to pause the game, she slowly got to her feet and walked out of the room. She walked quickly down the stairs, each step increasing her curiosity for what Claira might have for her. Her mother held a small parcel and Raine took it straight away, eager to open it.

"It's from the people who ran the competition," said her mother smiling, "I think you won something!"

Raine smiled happily. She had been waiting for this for two weeks now, waiting to see if she had one. She had entereted a competition where she'd had to design a dress sphere for Final Fantasy X-2. Of course, she had designed the Ninja Sphere, purely because Ninjas were amazing. She had always though Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII was amazing.

She tore open the package and saw, to her suprise, that inside lay a green sphere, not unlike those from the game. She wans't really sure what to make of this prize. It wasn't exactly useful, but at the same time it was really cool! There also seemed to be a letter with the package. Raine picked it up and read it, though the writing was small and hard to make out.

"This sphere is your creatoin, so only you can unlock its powesses. Your true journey will start at the beginning of a new dawn..."
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