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Default [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

'They will come when the skies turn dark with avarice; replenish the world back to its paridise and purge us of the insatiable demons of Spira. Their creations will have those of pure soul, unlike those who have failed and brought the 'Creation' upon us.
The Final Fantasy gaming franchise has been a huge and ongoing series since the very first game consoles and portable handhelds. Most of them have nothing to do with each other, none of them a sequel to the next, or barely having anything in common with the previous of next installment of this addicting title, except the two numbered X and X-2. It was very popular and many player enjoyed what they paid for. Some looked into it more, finding out more of the story than the game explained. What they found, most were satisfied with, some looked even further and then were satisfied. But there was more to it than what the game had ensued.

Elsewhere, Spira did truly exsist, but the people in the game were fictional to express the story in FFX and FFX-2 without revealing all of the true history of this thought-to-be fictional land. But it was made by a real exsisting game company, so how could this be real you ask? Well, someone, or rather an entity inspired story writters, so that the story would get across to those who were destined to come to the real world to stop the 'Creation'. There was a third part of the story that was about to become a horrid reality.

In the second entitlement, we learned about the Dressphere system, and the variety of spreres that changed the way the characters battled and what abilities they had. Even more abilities were added depending on how the garment grid was used. Well, this is a major part in what is about to happen.

Spira had a specific sphere that was vital to all living things in the known and unknown universe. The sphere of 'Creation'. It was protected by many powerful summoners for centuries. Until the usual traitor sought the power for himself. Yet, he was only an inexperienced magic user and was easily taken in. But the thought of trying to use the sphere for dark intetnions made the others wary. Making a history altering decision, they broke the sphere into two halfs; the half of Life, and the half of Death. They were hidden and to this day even those who cast it away don't have the knowledge of where its hidden, therefore no one could find it ,yes? Wrong.

Somehow, the young summoner known as Kamil, found the half of Death, and forging his own grid, used it to create his own fiends and demons to claim what he said to be retribution. He went across Spira, murdering the leaders of all major civilizations and governments, putting the land into total anarchy. The people fought back, cursing him into a dark abyss and hoped he wouldn't return, but that wasn't to be. He did return, but with far less power than before, and everyday he slowly regains it, preparing for a last attempt at an apocolypse.

Spira has still remained in anarchy, and the few lasting summoners have had to go to the last resort: bringing those from our world into Spira, the ones who were destined to become the savior of the land. And who exactly are these saviors? Only a a band of teenage kids who were so into the FFX and X-2 games that they know more than posssible about it.
You are one of those teens, who had entered a contest to create your own dressphere, and hopefully win a gradn prize that is of glorious and tremendous value. What it is you don't know exactly, but you didn't care about it when you entered. You recieve a package, the sender is of unknown origin. When you decide to open it is up to you, but when you awaken the next morning, life will take a new turn.

Regular PE2K rules.
There are none of the characters from the FFx and X-2 games in this RP.
Minor swearing and romance.
You get a max of 5 drespheres, and your Unique one that you create yourself. You can steal the ones from the game is they aren't already taken.
Leveling up with magic will be done by me as a reward for good RPing.

Accepted Role Players:
Myself-Twyla Rebras-Shapshifter Sphere
Knightblazer-Loki 'Draconifer' Galeon-Gun Slinger Sphere
Work Those Stripes-Raine Green-Ninja Sphere
skioydoggy-Davion Sargtlin-Dragoon Sphere
Hazmat-Rose Stevens-Cardio Manipulation Sphere
Chaos Dude-Tyson Jake-Devil Fruit Pirate:Gum Gum Fruit Sphere
Draconic Espeon-Erik Danlin-Wind Chaser Sphere
Bulletangel-Dende Whitesummers-Entity Sphere
Gaby-Shinobinaku, Kyosou (Nicknamed Ghost)-Nobody Sphere

It was about 6pm and I was staring blankly at a computer with much disinterest. My mom had taken over the PS2 and the FFX-2 game when it was still my turn and she wouldn't stop pestering me, well more like yelling at me too look up how we get the stupid chocobo ranch. She was starting a new game and wanted to get as much percentage completion as possible, and she'd always asking me, 'Twyla, what the hell do I do?' or 'Twyla, how do I beat this thing?' or even, 'Where the heck am I going?, Whay am I going this was, doing this thing, why don't I have this?' and the list just keeps going on. Eventually she found the ever so evaisive Clasko and then we were fighting over which of the fiends were facing which way and at what monster.

Thats when I decided to go check the mail again. I'd been waiting for a package for the past few days and I knew it was bound to come any day now. I opened the door and walked down the stairs and opened the mailbox, and to my excitement, there was a brown box that was addressed to me. Restraining all my excitement, I dashed back into the house and straight into my room and jumped onto my bed. Quickly opening the package, the first thing I saw was a letter but I discarded it first hand. I tok all the acces paper out and inside was a translucent indigo colored sphere that looked just like the ones on the game.

"This is so awesome!" I exclaimed. "Even if its not what was expected, this is still awesome!"

I gazed into it for hours until I remembered that there was a letter to be read. I opened it and it wasn't that long but what it said puzzled me.

'This sphere is your creatoin, so only you can unlock its powesses. Your true journey will start at the beginning of a new dawn...'

"Hmm, must be some promotional stuff or something." I thought aloud. "Maybe a new tag-line for an upcoming game maybe. Anyway, I better get some sleep, my tests aren't going to write themselves tomorrow."

I got into my pj's and laid down in bed with my prize by my head. At some point in the night I drifted blissfully off to sleep with much content.
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