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Default Re: Sprite Requests (request sprites here or in a shop)

Can you do some of my fanmade Pokemons? I need all of them.
Livy: Quadruped green lizard. Has two horns on head.
Ivorn: Livy on hind legs, more claw-like hands, four horns on head.
Livathon: Draconic lizard, two wings on back, two horns that curl waaay back.
Eagurn: Small red phoenix.
Solird: Large phoenix with green eyes, four wings, and four claws on each wing.
Blazix: Biggest, looks like Solird with six wings and five claws.
Fizax: Looks like small whale with clawed fins and instead of tail two legs.
Mutark: A shark with metal clawed fins, two dorsal fins, clawed feet, and a horn on it's head.
Cybite: A bigger version of Mutark with longer claws, fins, and three horns.
Go here for all.
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