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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

IC: The blast of energy knocked me to the flat ground in the fog. In what seemed like seconds I was on my feet again. My vision was still completely useless because of the fog. To make matters even more troublesome the glow had faded. Though I hadn't wanted to approach it before it was nice having a minor source of light.

I decided to sit down while waiting for someone to find me. There was no real reason for me to keep standing. Minutes had passed and I was starting to get impatient. Armadillomon should have come to fetch me by now, I thought angrily. He better not have left me when the other freaks attacked. For a few minutes I mumbled angrily to myself about his betrayal. My murmurings were likely what led Armadillomon back.

"There you are," he exclaimed. "It was hard for me to find you in this fog! Let's head over to the light there, it'll take us into the digital world." It was understandable that he had trouble finding me here, after all we could hardly see one another when he was only a foot or two away. He began walking away.

Light? The light is all gone. His behavior was mildly confusing. How did he expect me to find my way to something that didn't exist? I flailed my arms around trying to grasp a hold of Armadillomonís tail. One of his soft tail spikes was inbetween my thumbs. Now that I had a hold of him I gave a slight tug, just to double-check.

He gave off a yelp of pain, "Ouch! What did you do that for?" With my face shrouded by the mist of our path I smiled. If he couldn't see my enjoyment of his discomfort then I wouldn't be hurting him by smiling.

"Sorry," I responded, suppressing my laughter. "I'm finding it hard to see in here, I was hoping you could lead me to the exit." The information was all true, even if I hadn't needed to pull on the animal's tail. Though my deceit went undetected, Armadillomon didn't want me anywhere near his tail. Instead, he asked that I place my hand on his back if I was having difficulty seeing.

We fell into the Digital World soon after we started moving. My shirt caught on a tree branch when we came through. Without noticing the snag I kept moving. The polo I was wearing ripped at least four inches along the waist. I cursed softly when I heard the tearing sound of my blunder. Armadillomon ruined one of my best shirts by bringing me here!

The scenery was noting special either. The forest we had appeared in looked very similar to those I had lived in around Chilliwack. The pine trees peaked high above my head, and the soil was moist. The chilly water sunk into my shoes and made them somewhat uncomfortable to wear. Ferns covered the woodland floor. Chilliwack and Blackfalds were behind me, the old world was behind me. I don't need any reminders of those places.

Armadillomon spoke in a hushed voice, "I have some people for you to meet. Wait here and I'll be right back with them." He darted off into the thicker brush. His noises of running faded. I began to lose faith that he'd even come back for me. Am I going to become just another dead body in the Digiworld?

He came back soon after leaving. I saw his head poke through a nearby berry shrub. Before I could speak up he receded into it again. Then he punted out a smaller digimon. After that, another one came popping out of the bush. Armadillomon then came out himself.

The first creature that had been shoed into my sight had the head of a small kitten. It had no visible legs or arms. Behind the head was a yellow fan like material that looked almost reptilian. Behind that fan was a thick fluffy tail. "Name's Frimon," he piped up, noticing my interest in his appearance. "Why don't you take a picture?" His attitude could have used improvement.

"And I'm Shaomon!" The second digimon, a small white puppy yipped eagerly. "We're gonna be the best of friends!" He skipped over to me and licked my stitching at the bottom of my cargo pants. The dog creature was freakishly rounded, I felt a strong urge to pick it up and hit it like a volleyball. His stubbly little blue legs might have gotten in the way if I tried. I shoved the puppy away with the flat of my foot, but he just ran up again and tried to bother me more.

"He's your problem now," Frimon said smugly. "I had to put up with that for the last hour while Armadillomon went to fetch you."

The first digimon I had met felt we had spent enough time together. "Alright, come with me Frimon," we have to get you acquainted with your own partner before the sun goes down. "I think it's pretty clear that Shaomon should stay here with... this human." He blushed, realizing that he had never actually asked for my name. Uncomfortable he finished, "So I'll just be right back after Frimon meets his partner."

Just because Armadillomon was way cooler than me didn't mean he was allowed to blow off the fact that he didn't know my name, I thought. Why's he leaving me with this powder puff of a pooch anyway? If anything like those Vilemon came back I didn't think that this mongrel would stand a chance. Frimon had had a very negative attitude towards me but I liked that more than Shaomon's excessive friendliness; that much cheer wasn't natural.

"Why can't Frimon stay here instead?" I complained.

Frimon snickered, "Because the mut likes you more, enjoy! Besides, why would I wanna stay with you when there's a much better human waiting for me?"
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