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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy!

Eh, I guess I'll join

Name:Tyson Jake



Hometown:TwinLeaf Town

Appearance:Tyson wear a blue and grey hoodie with red on it to. The main part or the stomache part is blue, his short sleeves are grey and his hood is red. Tyson wears blue baggy jeans with peach colored skin and his eyes are black so is his hair which had a few spikes (not pointy) and reaches to his neck with fingerless gloves for each hand.

Reason For Coming To The Academy:Tyson had always wanted to become a pokemon master so he was sent here.

Personality:Tyson is a lean mean machine and sometimes a shy guy and a humuorus guy but mostly a humorous guy who likes to joke around like an Aipom woulde be and sometimes act like a Aipom. Tyson is also tough as an Aipom and strong as a Primeape and never turns away from an battle not from anyone even if he facing a tough trainer, some people say this kids got guts and is nuts to battle against em' but he proves them wrong cause he's the best he can be.



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