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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy!

Hm, haven't been in a good Pokemon School RP in so long. I'ma join, if ya don't mind. ^^

Sign Up Form

Nanago, Larxene
Cherrygrove City
Click! Ain't she purty? X3
~Reason For Coming To The Academy~
To learn about Coordinating, though her dream is to be the Johto League Champion.
Unfeeling and uncaring, those are two words to describe Larxene. So many things have happened to her, she could care less if the whole world went poof right now. In truth, she'd like that, as she likes being alone. It's hard for her to trust people, and there is only one person she could consider trustworthy. Satomishin, Yuu, a friend of hers from when she was in Snowpoint. They've been friends since they met, so, they have a special bond of sorts. In a battle, she tends to mock her opponent, calling their Pokemon "weak" and "a waste of time and effort". She does this because she always aims for a win, no matter what happens, and she just loves to put her opponents down. In truth, she has only lost a total of seven times, and if you count ties, then twenty times. Surprisingly, she cares for her Pokemon like they were her own family, beating the bloody pulp out of anyone that dares hurt them out of a battle. Her words usually have a hint of sadness in them, or a hint of anger, as happiness is like something that's been taking out of reach for her. No matter how hard she tries, she'll never realize that her feelings of hatred and sadness are what's keeping her away from this happiness she longs for so dearly.


Poochyena, Female
~Eevee Evolution~
Vaporeon, Female
~Fossil Pokemon~
Anorith, Male
~Mini Legendary~
Tyranitar, Male
~Baby Pokemon~
Cleffa, Female
~Random Pokemon~
Drifblim, Male
VPP Stats

~Larxene, the Savage Nymph~

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