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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy!

Name: Tamber Mazuka

Age: 15(Almost 16)

Gender: Female

Hometown: Used to be Jubilife, but then moved to Snowpoint.


Reason For Coming To The Academy: Tamber's "parents" wanted Tamber to grow up to become a great Pokemon Trainer, so she was sent here first.

Personality: Tamber is very friendly and easy to make friends with. As she was An orphan until the age of nine, Tamber knows what it is like to be teased. She will stand up for others, and almost always tells the truth. She likes to help people, and envies almost no-one. She is a smart girl, and loves to learn. During break, she is often found reading in the libary.


Starter: Mudkip

Eevee Evolution: Leafeon

Fossil Pokemon: Omynate

Mini Legendary: Flygon

Baby Pokemon: Cleffa

Random Pokemon: Luxio
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