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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy!

Name: Serenade Shine

Age: 15

Gender: male

Hometown: Floaroma


Reason For Coming To The Academy: To study pokemon, and become a strong trainer. (To become a pokemonn breeder and gym leader)

Personality: Energetic,outgoing and loving. He is very highspirited and smily. But that doesn't keep him from being sarcastic. Yes, he will bite your head off if you annoy him. He loves cute baby pokemon, but he is also a tough battler. He loves plants, and the ecosystem. Thats why his favortie type of pokemon is grass. He'll help anyone who asks for it, and loves to do charity work. Whenever he has free time he trains his pokemon, and keeps them healthy.


Starter: Turtwig

Eevee Evolution: Umbreon

Fossil Pokemon: kabuto

Mini Legendary: milotic

Baby Pokemon: Happiny

Random Pokemon: Jumpluff
Black: 3052-7116-5057
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