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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy!

I'll join

Name: Zen Mist
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Reason For Coming To The Academy:
To be a better trainer or coordinator
To learn more about pokemon
To meet new people
Personality: Zen isn't very good at socializing. In his old school, he was known as a geek, since he basically gets A's. So, he really didn't talk much in school. Zen doesn't have a lot of friends (or so he thinks), but a lot of people say hi to him though. Zen is very kind, and would never mistreat anyone only if they're mean to him or to other people. He is also very devoted to his task ahead to him. Zen if was to choose a side, he would choose good. Zen occasionally wishes that he is going to be the best trainer ever, but he didn't start his journey yet. He also wishes for world peace, because he hates when he sees pokemon getting mistreated from their trainers. Now Zen has a huge fear of bugs. He just hates them. At one sight of them, he would occasionally run for his life. In the future, Zen plans to be the champion of the pokemon league or be a master co-ordinator.

Starter: Piplup
Eevee Evolution: Espeon
Fossil Pokemon: Cranidos
Mini Legendary: Dragonite
Baby Pokemon: Pichu
Random Pokemon: Weavile
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