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Default Re: Bioshock vs. Halo

OrexxerO wanted to enlighten us that the apple can be more of an orange than an orange, actually." Notice the progression never talks about how much of an apple the apple was. Yes, I do state that the orange is better than the apple.

Brother. Just wanted to prove that Halo's story is deep, just doesn't do the job of explaining every detail in the game. Which while isn't necessarily a good thing, it allows them to do other things besideds just a game. It has Four novels now as well as many graphic novels.

They are probably writing a few more novels, all of which have actually been pretty good at making the characters seem alive and real. They made Master Chief more of a person instead of a guy in the armor. Heck, in the books it speaks of one point during the first Halo game where he had taken off his armor at basecamp.

And Bioshock isn't the only game to use sound recordings. Doom 3 did it as well. If you ever played that, although you probably haven't since you don't like FPS's. I understand you liked Bioshock simply because it had many RPG elements in it.

Conclude the discussion! We both like our game more then the other. We can at least agree they are both good and fun to play. They are just different.

The end?
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