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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

"Where... am I?"

That was the first question that flashed through Tezuka's mind. The second one was "What the heck is sitting in my lap?"

He had landed igmoniously on his rear after the fall, and his surroundings were...strange to say the least. He appeared to be sitting on a giant computer chip, and was surrounded by thick, impenetrable fog. Through a hole above him, he could see the sky of the world he had dropped away from. Every few seconds, the floor beneath him pulsed with shining light. He felt as if he had been dropped into a strange, insane disco parlor. That, however, was the least of his problems. The more pressing issue was the creature on his lap, a small, golden furred beast who appeared to be asleep. Her arms were about the length of Tezuka's own, and each one clutched a short rapier, and her body shape reminded him of that one creature he had seen... "Agumon", or whatever you called it. A pair of short, vestigal wings graced her back, and moved in and out with her breathing, and her ears were hidden by a pair of strange, feathery crests. Her head resembled that of a "beaked" dinosaur. The only thing, in fact, that caused the monster in his lap to remind him of a mammal was the fact that she was warm to the touch and covered in soft, golden fur. Tezuka reached out, inadvertently stroking the creature's fur. He didn't know how he knew she was female, only that something about her practically screamed "girl". Reaching out, he stroked her ear again, this time on purpose. Slowly, the creature yawned, a cute, high-pitched sound, and Tezuka smiled in spite of his situation. Kawaii.

Reaching to his left, Tezuka's hand located his fencing blade, thankfully still intact. The device he had picked up, on the other hand, lay on his lap, under the sleeping monster. Slowly, Tezuka reached beneath the beast, careful not to disturb her rest, and removed it, just in time to see the words "Contact Established- Server Now Online" blinking on and off in bright red letters.

Straightening up, Tezuka slowly lifted the creature, who was much lighter then she appeared, off his legs carefully and laid her beside him. Meanwhile, he lifted his blade, and pocketed the device. "Server, huh?" he murmured, pacing about, his feet barely making contact with the ground. "I wonder if that's what this place is called."


Tezuka leapt to the side, barely avoiding the downswing of a steel blade that cut through the fog near his body. Knowing it would do little good, the fencer lifted his wooden rapier into a defensive position before shouting "Show Yourself!" at his unknown foe.

Slowly, the fog repealed, revealing a beast who appeared to be a grey, humanoid creature clothed in samurai armor. The monster looked as if he had stepped out of a fairy tale, but rather then an ogre-destroying samurai this beast appeared to be a samurai-destroying ogre who had clothed himself in the armor of his victims. His mouth opened, and his voice dripped with malice. "Who dares challenge the great Musyamon?"

Tezuka stared at the sleeping creature behind him. Abandoning it definitely went against his moral code, and besides, he was raised in Japan. Dropping out of a fight violated his moral code. "Em... that would be me, I suppose." he replied, pointing his wooden rapier.

OOC: More to come... yes, I'm drawing this out so I can keep you all in suspense. XD
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