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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

"You're lucky the digivice was glowing," the little creature said. "Through all this fog, I might not have found you in time to distract that Raremon."

Another roar of rage came from behind us, surely emitting from that thing that I now assumed was called, 'Raremon.' "Why was it after me?" I asked quickly.

Gabumon shook his head, then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the highway. It was still cloudy out, and now a breeze was picking up that threatened to blow away the little fog that was left surrounding and entrapping the Raremon. I ran after him, soon finding myself in the middle of Highway One. I couldn't remember which direction traffic went on this side of the highway, and since there was a hill between the two lanes of traffic, I couldn't look to the opposite lane for help. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any cars out right now, which struck me as odd at first, but then again, I hadn't been out with my family on this highway for ages either since the communications went down. "It's not... after you!" Gabumon uttered, his phrases stuttered from running. "It's after... the light of... Digivolution! Almost all digimon... are drawn innexorably to it."

His short little legs didn't seem to carry his body as fast as mine could carry my own. In a quick motion, I grabbed the little... digimon? I grabbed him under his arms and sat him behind my head, like many adults did for their children while they were still small. Even though I couldn't see his face from this angle, I could just sense that the blood was rushing to his cheeks. I continued running regardless, down the side of the highway and away from the sounds of the enraged Raremon. Whether I was running towards home or away from it, I couldn't tell, because the scenery around me was all the same: on one side, the hill that separated the two highway lanes from each other with a tall standing of trees down the middle of it, and on the other, vast farmlands that went all the way to the opposite side of the valley my home was found in. The mountains were tall and stony looking, as they usually did with the usual weather.


"The light of what-a-volution?" I asked, slowing down to a jog as the Raremon's roars slowly faded into the distance. "I don't have anything like that... unless..?" I took one of my hands off of one of the creature's legs and pulled out the machine I had found earlier that day. Digivice, it had been called. "This thing?" I asked, showing it to him.

"That's the one!" he replied, nodding his head furiously, making me stumble a bit. He may have been little, but he was still half the size of me on top of me, making me quite top heavy. He blushed again, but I just laughed.

I pocketed the digivice and returned my now free hand to his leg, holding him steady. "So I guess I don't understand that... what's your name?" I asked.

"It's Gabumon," he replied. "And yours?"

I smiled. "My name's Ian. Pleased to meet you, Gabumon."

Once I had run so far that Raremon's roaring was no longer audible, I steered myself across to the opposite side of the highway and climbed up the hill until we were in the miniature, man-made forest that divided the two directions of the highway. I gently placed Gabumon down, then slumped down into a sit, leaning against one of the trees.

Picture of Highway 1 in favourable weather:

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

Oboedio Voculas

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