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Default Re: The Opposite of Peace

Aww, I gotta use a color to speak with? Oh well, I can deal with that, and I'll use Sea Green if thats okay.

Name: Kitnara T. Shirin
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Alignment: Diamon Heights
Weapon: Pair of Chakrams
Appearance: Kitnara is about 5'6 and has a weight of 120 ilbs. Kitnara has what looks like black colored hair that just brushes her shoulders, but in the light of the sun, its actually a dark violet. She has calming light indigo colored eyes that always show her true emotion regardless of what she says of how the rest of her body looks. She has a thin body structure that decieves the strength she truly posseses, but shows her dexterity and agility ten-fold. Her hands are soft and her fingers are fairly thin.
She wears fingerless gloves that almost have the appearance of gauntlets thanks to the armoring in the wrist area. She wears a somewhat tight pale misty blue t-shirt under a light leather vest and a dark grey cloak over top. Her pants are loose and are the equivalent of modern yoga pants, but the bottoms are tucked into traveling boots that stop halfway up her lower leg. These have a ring above the ankle and at the end of the boot to help keep it on snuggly. A belt goes around her waist and holds her chakrams when she isn't using them.

Personality: Kitnara was always free-spirited, and has always been that way. She can be a bit reckless and will not hesitate to speak her mind unless the situation doesn't call for it. She is very stubborn and hard to persuade, and will do what she thinks is best and even if no one else goes along with her, she'll do it. Being very independant, she can be a bit of a jerk towards others in a first impression, but underneath all the exterior attitude is a very different person. She is a very caring person and looks out for everyone, and will put herself in the place of others, giving herself up to let others have a second chance. She doesn't pick sides, never has and tries to look optimistically, but can sometimes be a bit sadictict but mostly a pragmatist. Kitnara has an extremely strong bond with her Pokemon and she tends for all Pokemon, whether from a good or bad Trainer. She never says anything she doesn't mean, and is very trustworthy and always keeps her word.

History: Kitnara was always traveling alone and kept as much time as she possibly could away from civilization. She found her first Pokemon, a highly spirited yellow Charmander who, even though was very young, was determined that she was alot stronger than Kitnara when they first met, even though only accidentally bumping into the little Pokemon almost knocked it out. Instead of fighting her, Kitnara decided to ask the little Pokemon to join her, but she only would agree to it if Kitnara caught her fair and square, which was accomplished too quickly. They became fast friends, almost like sisters and not too long after that was Shayda, the timid Spinarak was captured later. When the War broke out, the three of them sent off to protect what they felt was defenseless. They, then met up with a renegade duo of Pokemon, a Lucario who was the wisest wild Pokemon Kitnara had seen, and a Grovyle, the most stubborn Pokemon with a bad attitude and who didn't know when to quit. In a reckless decision, Kitnara and her team decided to help them out when a few soldiers of the Slate Empire decided to go on a killing spree. It was a tiring battle and afterwards the Lucario was wiling to join Kitnara, but the Grovyle needed persuading. Alot of it. When it was proven that Kitnara wasn't just an ordinary human, Willow, evolved to help return the favor given to her awhile back. With the four of them a tight-knit team that always looked out for themselves and secretly others, they travel neutral territory, or the more dangerous places to be where people wouldn't dare venture out to without a good reason. Kitnara has never returned home though, for she has a secret that she won't even tell her Pokemon and that she keeps confidential.


Species: Shiny Charizard
Gender: Female
Nickname: Ashé
Description: Ashé is everyones lost concionce. She gives advice all the time and giving everyone her two-cents about everything and she's almost always right. She has always been oddly coloured, even if she is a shiny, the inside of her wings and her flame are blue and not the usual red. She is very kind, generous but don't get on the wrong side of her. Shes is very protective, strong hearted and loyal and even in a hopeless face of danger, never backs down.

Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Nickname: Enkai
Description: Enkai, first of all has two differently colored eyes. One of them is a sea green and the other is a deep dark blue. For some reason, he likes to go around wearing an old tattered cloak that Kitnara first found him in. Enkai never gets mad. He is so calm and collected that if you were to ever get him at least the slightest bit angry, you could do the impossible. This Lucario has a very wise demanour about him and comforts and encourages others to do better.

Species: Shiny Sceptile
Gender: Female
Nickname: Willow
Description: Willow has always had the same attitude and stubborness since she came into existance. She doesn't like those that are rude, or mistreated, but she likes to blame others for her faults and make others jump. She doesn't seem like a very reliable Pokemon, or very trustworthy either. Willow loves to cause trouble and pull pranks just for the sake of doing it, but when its time for her to get serious, she doesn't take the term lightly. She is tempermental and that drives her strength, nevermind her incredible speed.

Species: Shiny Flygon
Gender: Female
Nickname: Tearess
Description: Tearess has a fighting spirit and very strong beliefs. What those are, no one knows. She likes music, and doesn't like to over do it, but when she gets angry enough, thats when full throtle comes in. She is very agile, smart, and often folows other examples. She doesn't have the best self-esteem, and she hates doing anything wrong, especially when people get upset in the end. Guilt is her biggest problwm, she feels responsible for almost everything that goes wrong.

VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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