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Default Re: The Opposite of Peace

Save/reserve me spot.=D I'll get sign up soon for Slate Empire.

Sign Up Sheet:

Quii, Empire R.
Slate Empire world.
Empire wears a straw hat, with pokeball designs covering it. Empire with his short brown hair, covered with the straw hat, which he rarely seen without. Empire wears a blue jacket, with a fishnet shirt underneath. Empire is never seen without his jacket on, no matter what occasion. Empire wears a pair of glasses ontop of his brittle nose. The glasses have a green rim to them, the is black. Empire wears a pair of blue jeans, with short ontop. Empire's jeans are a dark blue with fade lines on them. The shorts he wears are also blue but have holes in them.
Empire doesn't care what people think of him, or his fashion sense. Empire does what he wants, or he doesn't do what people command him to do. Empire sometimes is Timid and afraid to speak up. Most people think he two different people, or somebody wit mixed personaity. Empire hates the sight of blood, he's fraighten.
Empire was an abused children, his father beat him on a regularly. His mother did it every other day, empire never fought back because it would hurt him more. Empire loved his mother and his father, but he hated that they abused him. Empire running late from school one day, he had just picked up his starter. Empire returning home to face his angry father, slamming his hand into Empire. Empire starter, Slowpoke stood up for Empire using Water Gun and Confusion to kill Empire father. using the Water Gun to create a puddle of water, then by using a mix of Psychic Confusion he made him drown in the puddle.

When Empire mother found out that her son killed her husband she intensely tried to kill him. Though Slowpoke had Empire back once more, this time just shutting Empire mother mouth was enough. Empire hated that his starter was a murder, but that made him one to. Empire wished he could take everything back, but he couldn't. Empire joining a group of rebels kids, that met in an alley. Empire began gaining a rep, as the 'Slaughter Empire' Empire would kill somebody every day. Though one day it got outta of hand, which is when Empire vowed never to kill another human. [That day..] Empire had killed eight people, they were the rebels kids, he though it would be fun.
Pokémon: Up to four, make a sheet for each of them:

Species: Slowking
Gender: Female
Nickname: Fastqueen
Description: A bloody killer, with an unsured past.Empire first pokemon who he's sister gave to him as a present.


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