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Default Re: Three More New Pokemon to be Revealed?

Heres how they were released as I remember it from the sites I used to goto:
Marill (started as Pikablu, was released by accident)
Togepi (when the egg hatch'd on the TV show)
Snubbull Donphan (Pokemon the first movie along with Marill)
Elekid (was first a top half sketch on a 2nd season ep, then in the 2nd movie PikaShort)
Slowking (started as some model images on Japanese sites and then appear'd in the 2nd movie)
Lugia (was the main character in the 2nd movie)
Ledyba Hoothoot Spinarak bellossom (can't remember what else) (apear'd in the 2nd PikaShort)
"rest of second set then exploded to 100 and we had 251 Pokemon!"
Wailmer (a few sites posted images and rumors)
Azurill (right after Wailmer Azurill was then talk'd about)
Kecleon (it was than said that these first 3 would be in the next PikaShort "Pikachu's Pikaboo", after not one but 2 Kecleon were in a TV ep)
Wynaut (apear'd in a TV ep)
Blaziken (apear'd in a TV ep)
Volbeat Duskull (along with Wynaut, were shown in the 5th movie PikaShort)
Lati@s (were the main characters in the 5th movie)
Mudkip Treecko Torchic (reveale'd in some Japanese media)
"after that the 3rd set came alive!"
I know I might be for getting some but thats the over all basics. So far in the 4th set:
Munchlax (was in the 7th movie)
Lucario (going to be in the 8th movie
3 shadow'd images
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