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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: And thus far I'm the only person writing in third person objective/omniscient style. XD Oh, and to randomly state something: I'm bending the rules just this once by not starting at my own home, specifically because I wrote Tezuka's character into another country, and if he were to suddenly be back in America it would completely mess up the whole thing. In addition, I'd like to say that for the record, Tezuka's hair is as close as I could come to dying Cloud Strife's blue.



Tezuka stared at the strange device lying in the middle of his practice field. It hadn't been there before, he was sure. Of course, the thunderbolts he had seen striking this spot didn't make the whole experience any less weird. With a sigh, he ran his fingers through his odd-colored hair, dislodging a few strands. His life had been getting weirder ever since Kenta had shown him those Digimon videos on Youtube. Sometimes, the young teenager reflected, he was annoyed with his boring life, but he didn't want to get involved with something that could end up killing him for no reason. Chances were that anything that appeared as a result of what could be termed as a random natural disaster was probably dangerous and/or related to something that was dangerous. And if it belonged to one of those digi-things (how he hated the name "Digimon", it sounded like somebody lazy had come up with it because he couldn't be bothered to think of something cooler) what was to say that the said Digimon wouldn't show up and eat him for supper? Anyway, he had a practice match to get to. Kenta was probably waiting for him in their usual spot right now, practice sword and all. It was probably time for the would-be fencing champ to get a move on, before he was late for another engagement. After all, if he picked up the device and it got him into trouble, wasn't Tezuka essentially putting himself in danger needlessly? And anyway, nobody had asked him to pick it up. The only reason he'd want to was his own sheer curiosity, and he knew the old saying. In fact, it was one of the few maxims he knew in two languages. Stepping away from the small device, Tezuka prepared to move on to his next engagement.

Something stopped him, however. Something he couldn't quite identify pulled at his heels, keeping him from continuing. What if he was supposed to pick up the device? What if someone had put it there in the hopes that he would get it? What if this was somehow linked to his ultimate fate? What was he supposed to say if he turned it down when it was meant to be his? "I'm sorry, but I thought your gift might result in my death, so I left it lying there for the next trash collector." Yeah, that would go over well with the powers-that-be.

And then there was another thing. Tezuka had been bored lately. School had ceased to be amusing. He was supposed to be learning something new each day, but lately he had begun to feel like all that was happening was a repetition of the same lessons in the same order and the same way over and over again. He always went home to his house near the park, the same one in which he was now standing, in fact. He'd smile, kiss his mother, she'd ask him how his day was and he'd answer "fine", and then he'd do his homework, which was just as repetitive as his lessons, and feed the dog, a burly Akita named Gin, before grabbing the wooden saber he had modified his old practice kendo into and leaving for the park, where he met with his friend Kenta in secret. In fact, the pick-up fencing matches with Kenta were the only things that kept Tezuka from rolling over and dying of boredom. It had been a while since anything remotely exciting had happened in his life. This device might be just the thing he needed to break him out of his mundane routine. Slowly, the sixteen-year old pivoted, walked over to the device, and shoved it into the pocket of his faux-leather jacket. Straightening up, he shouldered his "blade". If he was late to his match, Kenta would tease him again, and heaven knew that Tezuka wasn't about to let that happen, if at all possible. Opening his stride, the fencer broke into a run, not realizing that the device in his pocket had activated itself and was now furiously beeping, exchanging information with some unknown sender.

Tezuka found himself at the park bench where he and Kenta usually met within a quarter-hour. The bench itself was sitting unoccupied next to a winding dirt road, which branched off from the park's main path. Kenta was nowhere to be seen. With a sigh, Tezuka collapsed on the bench. It wasn't like his friend to be late, and today of all days was important. The two were tied at nineteen wins, nineteen losses and today was the big tiebreaker match before they erased the count and started over again. Repositioning his sword so that its point rested in the dirt, Tezuka pulled the device out of his pocket, thinking that he might as well examine it while he waited. It was about the size of the average virtual pet, he realized, and while it had no visible control system other then three nondescript buttons on the main body, its rectangular design reminded him of some sort of stopwatch. Its body was white, trimmed with blue and gold buttons, and its screen was currently blank, meaning that whatever it was, it probably wasn't switched on. In a moment of uncontrollable curiosity, Tezuka pressed one of the buttons on the device. Immediately, the screen flashed to life, revealing a black grid with an egg shape in the center. Slowly, Tezuka began to chuckle. All this, and all the device was was a digital pet of some sort. He had to laugh at his own paranoia. Staring at the egg, he pressed a second button, muttering "Hey, you're kind of cute." To his surprise, the egg image on the screen split, indicating that the creature inside had hatched. Wondering what on earth it could be, Tezuka leaned in. Instead of the hatched "pet", however, the only image the screen displayed was that of a stereotypical "Choose name/gender" screen. Without thinking, Tezuka pressed the "female" option for gender. He hesitated a bit longer on "name", trying to think of one that might fit a girl, before finally settling on "Iris". It was his mother's favorite flower, and fairly hard to find out here in Japan. Maybe she'd get a kick out of it. Laughing, Tezuka jabbed the "submit" option as he lazed back onto the bench.

It was then that all hell broke loose.

The device began beeping furiously as a portal of pure energy blasted open beneath Tezuka. The teenager barely had time to think before he, his device, and his sword began falling into space...
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