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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Super Rank Standard Cool Contest
TE vs DG vs Hakken vs Leman
Tyranitar vs Scyther vs Elekid vs Swellow

First time judging a super rank and I'm impressed. Everyone had Pokeblocks and had a great start with Hakken scoring the most for Primary round. Elekid got off to a good start too with a +6 from Swift, but DG and TE ain't dumb. Both of them got their conditions ready for high appeals by using Swords Dance and Dragon Dance respectively, as well as preparing for combos. Leman didn't had experience and used normal combos which didn't turn out well.

TE in order to shake off Hakken and DG, used its Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw combo, and Hyper Beam-ed at the 3rd round, which made it unable to appeal at the 4th round. But that didn't stop it, Tyranitar Hyper Beam-ed once more at the 5th round, ensuring TE a good spot in the appeals. Finally, TE's Pokeblock points and his amazing appeals beat the rest. GG~

1st Tyranitar 413 pts
2nd Elekid 383 pts
3rd Scyther 359 pts
4th Swellow 258 pts

TE wins, gets $2k and Super Cool ribbon.
Hakken and DG tied, gets $1.5k each.
Leman got last, gets $1k.

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $22000

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