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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: I was expecting the digivice to be left on the ground in the exact spot where the lightning hit. If you have M-WORD or an equivalent program, it might be a good idea to run posts through there before actually putting them up. Don't worry, it was pretty clear what was happening; I may have been trying to find mistakes... ^^;

IC: "You're incredible," I whispered in a daze, allowing myself to feel the shell on his back. Still overcome with wonder, I admired nearly every aspect about the creature. I mentioned some things vocally, like how powerful his claws looked, and how the symbol on his forehead was amazing. These encounters had been happening all over the world, but I had never thought that I would be one of the lucky few to meet a kind digimon. The media was trying to spread the word to everybody that digimon were evil.

After my barrage of admiration, the digital monster heavily blushed. His pale yellow skin changed almost completely pink. He placed his head and tail low to the ground in an act of humbleness. I strongly hoped that I had not humiliated him in any way with my idolization. "Thank you very much," he said in a squeaky tone, far different from the one he had used when we first encountered one another moments ago. Still struck dumb by his pure coolness, I had nothing to say. "Please come with me," he started, voice getting a bit lower in pitch as he overcame my admiration. Now he spoke a little more strongly, "I would appreciate it very much if you would accompany me to the digital world willingly." Whatever threat had been included in his request was lost. My newfound respect for him hid whatever ill-wished he might intend for me.

"I would love to come with you!" I proclaimed. This could possibly be the most exciting moment I had ever experienced in life. My heart literally felt as though it could burst from my chest at any moment.

From below my knees, the digimon smiled up at me. I hoped that he could tell how much I wanted to see the world he came from. He looked down the stairs with disappointment, and began the surprisingly long trek down them. Though I understood that he didn't enjoy the descent, I didn't want to be too invasive by asking if he would like me to carry him down.

Once we finally made it down the short flight of stairs, it was revealed that the digimon could be quite speedy despite his short arms and large body. I almost had difficulty keeping up with him. Soon his path led us outside, into the storm. The clouds glowed a bright pink in some area; I couldn't help but feel that there was something living up there. The wind outside was as strong as any gale and I almost had to crawl forwards on my knees in order not to be blown away. A metal garbage can bounced by me, almost striking my head.

"Are we nearly there?" I tried asking, worried that the some other piece of debris would hit me if we didn't find shelter soon. Unfortunately, the strength of the windstorm blew my words away from my escort. I was finding that it was starting to become hard to inhale. Air was being blown away from my mouth before I could even take it in.

He led us into an alleyway between two sections of my school, there was far less wind here. The alley had a strange mist drifting about it, despite the fact that there was a massive storm just outside its boundaries. The cloud seemed to expand as we stood there in silence. Both he and I needed to catch our breath. "I'm Armadillomon," he finally revealed his name to me, "And it is my honour to welcome you to the Digiworld!" He raised one of his front arms dramatically in the air. Nothing happened. He slowly lowered his arm in confusion. Then his face grew somewhat irked.

Oh no, I plead desperately, Don't let this be my fault. I really had been looking forward to my chance to enter the digital world, I couldn't let my adventure end so quickly.
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