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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

OOC;// We are starting from my last post, KittenGirl your not in charge of this roleplay don't act like it! If this happens again I'm afraid I'm going to have to kick you out this roleplay!

"Yea right Luna, don't lie on me!" Brisk spoke with a calm voice.
Mrs.Glore sighed, as this lesson wasn't over yet, though the bell was almost going to ring.

" Luna go to the office now!" Mrs.Glore shouted, looking around the class room. At that moment the bell rang, saving Luna from her torture.

OOC;// Okay, you guys can't go IN the house because you don't know what it looks like that is my job to do it! So please don't do that anymore!

Brisk walked home to discover gore on the floor, splatted with paper. Picking up the note, not bothering to read it, and threw it away. He knew what it said, he saw them put it there. Walking down into a dark alley, Brisk arrived at 130 Elly Street Lane. He seemed like the first to be here, cautionly he open the door. In their stood, a regular home. A table in a dining room, there was a kitchen, and a basement.

" Welcome, come in" A eerie voice cooned, Brisk obeying the order walking over to the kitchen. Staring at the tall man, broad shoulders, he was a butterball with road shoulders. Brisk lying his hands on the table stared at him.

" What do you want" Brisk mumbled, his breathe as cold as a morning in December.

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