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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

'Thank gosh,' Terra thought happily, thankful for the bell to have rang. She leaped out of her chair, grabbed her backpack, and galloped out of the classroom door (But not without a quick dirty glance at Mrs. Grobe.)
Her mind was focused on getting home as quickly as possible, to find out what was worrying her parents so much. For some reason, Terra felt sorry for the people who had to spend time in detention, although some of them deserved it. Predicting that some of them wouldn't even go, the feeling of sympathy quickly disappeared.
Rushing the books she needed out of her locker, Terra stuffed the things into her poor backpack, suprised that it didn't burst from all the stuff.
No matter what she had to do, Terra was determined to get home as soon as possible.

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