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Default Re: The Opposite of Peace

Name: Cleveland, Clifford M.
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alignment: Slate Empire
Weapon: A deck of steel playing cards.
Appearance: Clifford is a non-emotive person. Although evilness burns inside his fake-heart, he doesn’t show any of the emotions he feels within, and as so his face is always serious without any smile or any frown.
He dresses up like a magician, due to his past, being a part-time actor in the near circus. He wears a long and dark hood, which gives him an Evil appearance, almost like a Vampire. He wears a dark purple sleeveless shirt and long dark trousers.
Although this mystical appearance, Clifford is an attractive young man. His hair is from a light-brown colour, which contrasts with his dark hood. Clifford has deep blue eyes, which are said to often hypnotise anyone that look into them deeply. In his right eye, he has a vertical scar that crosses his skin, right by the middle.
Clifford is not a tall guy, but he believes that he’s taller than the other people in the Slate Empire. His sleeveless shirt reveals that he does some body-fitness, due to his good body shape.
Personality: Clifford is a non-emotive person, like it was said above. Because he had such a dramatic past, he was forbidden (by himself) to show emotion. This attitude turns him into a cold and arrogant person, whom no one wants to meet in their lives.
He likes to keep his privacy, and as so he doesn’t like to make any friends, nor knowing any person. Clifford is really selfish, and all he wants in his life is to reach his own objectives, doing whatever he has to do. He is determined and will do anything to achieve his objectives, even if that implies killing.
History: Clifford born in a problematic environment. He was born in a poor family, which had no money to give him the quality of life that a child of his age, shall have. Clifford’s mother died when he was just at the age of 3. So he always lived with his father, who was a bandit.
They had no money, and as so to get what he wanted to have, Cliff had to steal. In fact he enjoyed stealing the others’ things, to make them yours.
But one day, when he was stealing some money from an old lady, his father was captured by the King’s Guards, and murdered due to thievery. Sometime later, the Guards found Clifford, at the age of 14, and sent him to the Slate Empire, to be executed. Hopefully, Clifford escaped from the execution room, right in front of the guards. His escape was so amazing that the King wanted to benefit from his skills. As so, Clifford began his legal career, as an Official Guard of the King.


Species: Skuntank
Gender: Female
Nickname: Stunk
Description: Stunk is a very territorial and aggressive Pokémon. She protects his owner with her life, even if that implies Death. Clifford captured her, as a Stunky, because he need help to perform his thief tricks, and not to be a simple prey of the Guards.

Species: Kabutops
Gender: Female
Nickname: Kab
Description: Kab is the main leader of Clifford’s team. She’s as much arrogant as her trainer his, and as much cold, as the water that runs in her veins. Clifford stole her Fossil, from a Museum in Oreburgh, just to sold it and earn some money. When he discovered that it was possible to make fossils alive, he regenerated her and captured her, as a Kabuto.

Species: Magnemite
Nickname: Magnos
Description: Magnos is the most recent acquisition on Clifford’s team. It is quick like a thunder and agile like a bird. The King gave it to Clifford, due to his loyalty.[/CENTER]

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