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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

When Alex went into his flying rage, Ivy immediately ran out of the classroom, down to hall to her locker. Twisting the combination she got out her backpack stuffed all her books in and ran out the door and walked home. When she got home there was a note on her front step. Ivy opened it and raised an eyebrow at the note. “Hmmm” she murmured, stuffing the paper into her backpack. She ran inside, no one was home silence suffocated the room. “Mom?” Ivy yelled “Dad? Anyone? That’s odd, Mom should be home for work and I thought Eric was sick…” Ivy shrugged, her family had a habit of taking off randomly, maybe the note was from her mom and dad planning to scare her or something.
Ivy went into her room and changed, neglecting to go into any other rooms, but a strange smell filled the air. Almost like blood. When Ivy emerged she was wearing a jean mini skirt and a pink camisole, as she walked down stairs her green markings were exposed. She quickly grabbed her older brothers sweatshirt and pulled it over her. Then she stuffed a bag of chips and a bottle of Gatorade into her bag and went outside. Locking the door behind her and grabbing her bike. It felt good to be out of her sweaty shorts, but now she wished she had pulled on shorts, she wanted to go back in and change but she had left her key inside and figured that her mom would have a key. As Ivy rode she looked for Trent across the street, he wasn’t home. Ivy frowned, she had wanted him to come with her, so he could pedal the bike and she would sit on the handlebars and be his eyes. She shrugged again and rode on slowly. What was the hurry?
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