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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

Apparently nobody in the house had seen the strange happenings with the weather outside, but on second thought, I realised that no one would likely care even if the did see it. At least, not to the extent where it actually mattered beyond a simple recognition. I followed the orders set by my mother and sat down at the table, the device a comfortable lump in my pocket.

We started eating – a rather boring meal of perogies and farmer sausage – and the excitement from moments earlier started to die down.

We were halfway through the meal, the dry dinner conversation that was held between the two adults at the table boring into my mind, when the device started beeping and vibrating again. I had a mouthful of perogie at the time, so I consequently jumped from my spot, spitting out the half-chewed food onto my plate in surprise. My family let out noises of disgust and disapproval, then started to yell at me. Before I let them get to me, though, I jumped away from the table and pulled the device from my pocket, searching the screen for its reason of alert.

The little dot that had been wandering sporadically around between the two circles was now stuck in one point of it, and I immediately recognised it as the direction that the glowing orb had fallen from the sky.

There were no second thoughts. Through my family’s ongoing shouts of shock, I ran from the room and out the house, still sliding on my white hoodie as I did so, and darted down the driveway as fast as I could. My eyes flitted continuously to the direction the dot was pointing.

This is my time. This is my moment of truth, I just know it!

I figured that the little thing was a compass for me right now, directing me towards whatever had fallen from the sky. It was a little bit out on a limb, the notion, but I had nothing else to go for, and I didn’t want to miss my opportunity. Not when I had a chance to live an adventure like this.

I ran down street after street, going as straight as I could, following the compass, and a few times I hopped people’s fences and ran straight through their yards.

Over an hour had passed and I had long since stopped running and moved into a determined jog, but the beeping was getting louder from the little machine so I figured that whatever I was doing, I was doing it right. The sun had started setting, so it was considerably darker than it had been when I had left my house.

Then the beeping got really loud and the device started to vibrate once more. The little dot moved into the very middle of the screen and stayed still.

Am I here already?

I looked around, not recognising the area very well. I was somewhere on the outskirts of Chilliwack, maybe in Sardis? I had come close to Highway 1 and gone over the train tracks long before that… I was definitely in the country though, for there were fields and barns all around me.

Then a burst of light appeared before me on the ground, but before my eyes could even adjust, the point where the light came from exploded with fog, instantly enveloping the entire area around me with a thick, cold, grey fog, so thick that I could barely see the device glowing in my hands.

A crunching sound then came from a couple metres before me…

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