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Default Re: The Opposite of Peace

Name: Junvar, Calvin A.
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen
Alignment: Diamond Heights
Weapon: Katana Sword
Appearance: Calvin, although a very evil kid, looks very innocent. He is mostly always seen wearing orange, which is his all-time favorite color. He wears an orange polo shirt, along with his jacket, which has several diamonds going across it. He also wears jeans, which is not orange, but dark blue. He also likes to wear his orange beanie, which matches his diamonded sweater, as it also has diamonds going across it. He is in the color tan, and has very dark brown eyes. He has dark brown, spiky hair, which is his favorite style of hair. Covered by his beanie, his spikes are only shown sometimes, when he does not wear it. He is just about one hundred seventeen pounds, and standing at the height of 5’9”. He also wears glasses, which are used to see well, as he is almost blind. Although called a geek by most, Calvin likes the way he looks. Calvin is very young looking for his age, also.
Personality: Calvin is a weird person, as his personality can be very mean, and then also very nice for other people. He is smart, though he tends to act dumb, for the first impression. Calvin is known to always have a strategy, and can create one at the top of his head. He is also not so talkative, and he doesn’t like to be with other people. He tends to be very creative, and is artistic. He is also very confident in things he does, and knows he can do anything. Being very confident, but not so cocky, he aims high and achieves high. He doesn’t tend to act the way he actually is, because he does not like to show his true personality. He is actually a very funny, outgoing guy in the inside.
History: Before in Pokétopia, he lived a regular life in Blackthorn City, Johto. He then began living life as a man, and finished his studies. By the time the war has started, he and his family were split up, and only lives with his step-sister, Caitlin. When the world has split in half, Calvin moved over to the good world controlled by Zander, which was the world of Diamond Heights. Since then, Caitlin and he lived life in the happy place of Diamond Heights. He was then to recruit to attack Slate Empire, and is know without his bigger sister. He is know moving and ready to defend his peaceful home, and know with his three Pokémon, he is going to do the best he can, win or lose.

Species: Persian
Gender: Female
Nickname: Kaylee
Description: Kaylee, being Calvin’s first Pokémon, is his all time favorite. They’ve been through everything towards each other, and were best friends ever since. They were teammates and have gained a special relationship, and are known to be a very strong Pokémon, as well as the battler of his team. Persian is the best battler, and works on his attack and defense the most, as she makes sure he stays at the top, and Calvin and her are the best. She is also a very smart Pokémon like Calvin is as human, and is known to be Calvin as a Pokémon.

Species: Honchkrow
Gender: Male
Nickname: ShadowStorm
Description: Honchkrow, being as mean as can be, can fly and run as swiftly as can be. He is able to carry loads of people and things, and can manage to carry Calvin along with Kaylee in ease, and very swiftly also. Honchkrow is a semi-good battler, but works most on his speed. Honchkrow is also, unlike other of the species, a very graceful Pokémon. It shows off its attack with beauty, and makes it look easy.

Species: Seadra
Gender: Female
Nickname: Jamie-Lynn
Description: Caught as a very classy Horsea, Jamie-Lynn is the speediest Pokémon in the water. It carries and transports Calvin towards seas, rivers, and other water routes, and is also a very good battler. This Pokémon just uses attacks, and has no big strategy. This Pokémon has class, and can think of things to make other things the best. This Seadra can easily win battles, but is not that strong. This Pokémon is an awesome defender.
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