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Default The Opposite of Peace

The Opposite of Peace

Plot: Siolin, controller of the almighty world of Pokétopia, had recently died. At that day, the world changed into a world that no one would see coming. Both sons of Siolin, had to share the crown of controller of the world. But they knew that wouldn’t be easy such an easy job to do. Being born to be hated each other, the two fought over decisions. Zander, who made very good deeds in choices, and Zeven, the one making the world into a bad place, were revolutionizing the world. With one last choice they fought over, they split the world into halves, which they controlled one of them. Zander, who took the west side, created a peaceful world of Diamond Heights. Zeven, who was the evil kid, took over the world named Slate Empire, and were made up of the meanest, most bad, non-caring people. The two made the world a different place, and was now not Pokétopia.

On Zander’s side of the world, they lived a normal place, without torture, slaves, or any rough fights. Here, they had a law, and was controlled great. But Zeven’s world was all different. There could be killing, driving under the condition of being drunk, and much freer, but dangerous worlds. But when some of the Slate Empire came over to Diamond Heights, it became rough. It started the war of the century. Lasting over a whole three years, the teams were mostly all kids, beginning the world of new, with the Slate Empire and Diamond Heights become crazier. The world was peaceful once again, for a while. But Zander knew about the hate of Zeven, and created a group to represent Diamond Heights. When Zeven learned about it, he created one also.

Since then, there was no war. But the both sides of the world had built a group of people each to kill the other team’s members. Embarking from the headquarters, on to the world out there, creating maybe another war, and going even crazier, the world will never have any peace. Both sides come to war alive, but will they make it to the end and complete the challenge? The world is only a war, of two great sides. The teams come out, and the war has started. The teams have to pit against many challenges, such as traps from the other team, sent out Pokémon, and one whole big fest of killing, blood, and gore.

The world is crazy. The teams are set? Who are you with?

Role: In your team, you are given a choice. You are to choose from being a protector of your kingdom and world, or to fight off the others of the opposing side. You are equipped with your team of four Pokémon, and have the biggest war of your lifetime. Other than your Pokémon, you control one weapon, to kill the people, not only the Pokémon. The world has changed, and this was the point of the world where no one would be standing, except the survivors of the winning team. You control the choices of who to kill, where to go, and what to do. It’s all about the details you pick for the person you own, it’s your life.

Notes: During speech, each character must have one color. The descriptions of paragraphs must be a darker color than that color. Remember, that each character must stick with their color of choice. Colors that are hard to see are not allowed. This color is also used for everything related to the Role-Play, such as your sign up sheet and discussions.

You may not change anything in your sign up, after the Role-Play has actually started. You may make changes before hand, but make sure you are set before we begin this, because your character will stay that way.


Diamond Heights: The place for all things nice, and happy. This place, the one for being the one representing peace, is the world controlled by Zander. This is the world which consists of these five main cities, which are: Diamond Kingdom, Waterwave City, Sunny Fields, Rocky Hill, & Hailfall City. Diamond Heights is a place good for relaxing when peace is made, and all-in-all, a good place to live. Controlled by Zander, this world is a well oiled machine. Having everything run great, and a good world to live in, this is the world of peace.

Slate Empire: This is where all things evil will happen. Controlled by the person known for being all evil, Zeven, he is the controller of this mad world. This place is made up of their own set of towns, which are named like those places of Diamond Heights, but given a darker, evil look to it. This is where the war began, as this place giving the people in Diamond Heights are hard time living. This place has no real law, and pretty much allows anything.

Sign Up Sheet:

Name: The name of your character. This includes your last name, first name, and middle initial.
Gender: The gender of your character. Tell whether you are a male, or female.
Age: The age of your character. This is simple, but make sure you are over seventeen.
Alignment: Tell whether you have joined the Slate Empire world, or the Diamond Heights world.
Weapon: Pick over any of the weapons, real or fake. Make sure they are not too powerful.
Appearance: The basic looks and attire of your character. You cannot have any pictures. This should contain at least five good sentences.
Personality: The way your character reacts in situations. Like your appearance, this must have five good sentences, and not a perfect person.
History: The past of your life in Pokétopia, all before the war happened. This should be unique, and have at least seven, awesome sentences.
Pokémon: Up to four, make a sheet for each of them:

Species: The breed of Pokémon it is.
Gender: Whether female or male, choose.
Nickname: This is optional, but the name you call your Pokémon.
Description: A basic description of the Pokémon.

Rule Number I: Do not spam in any threads related to this Role-Play.
Rule Number II: Do not flame other members in this role-play.
Rule Number III: Swearing is OK, but make sure you can control it.
Rule Number IV: Do not god-mod or bunny any character.
Rule Number V: Three strikes and you’re out. If I have to tell you three times concerning a problem, you’re out.
Rule Number VI: We will have a discussion thread soon, only posts related to sign ups here.
Rule Number VII: Reserving is OK, but you must have the sign up within the next two days.
Rule Number VIII: When posting, make sure you have your character’s name, location, and alignment.
Rule Number IX: Any NPCs must be ran through me, with a little description.
Rule Number X: All posts in any thread of this role-play must have good grammar, and role-play posts should be a good, two paragraphs long.

Accepted Characters:

[Noob of All Noobs] :: [Junvar, Calvin A.] :: [Diamond Heights]
[MikaelO] :: [Cleveland, Clifford M.] :: [Slate Empire]
[Chiakariri] :: [Yari, Mika T.] :: [Slate Empire]

Reserved Characters:


Denied Characters:


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