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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

Luna groaned and rolled her eyes. Luna's hands then suddenly glowed purple, lifting ms. Glore into the air and down again. Luna giggled, then calmed down.

"Ms.Glore, Brisk threw the spit ball at you, and quickly threwthe broken pen and ripped paper on Alex's desk. Alex is innocent. I have proof, if you want some." Luna said, seriously. "Brisk should be the one with the principal. I don't lie."
あたまの はなかざりの かおりには リラックスさせる こうかが ある。ていれを なまけると かれてし まう。

The aroma from the flower decoration on it's head has a relaxing effect. It will wither if it is not cared for.

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