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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

" Terra you think its funny fine do this problem, 9 and one fifth divided by twenty three, fifths, times that answer by nine hundred and twenty five, then divide that answer by five," Mrs.Glore smirked, though it wasn't a very enjoyable smirk.

" Oh and if you don't get it, detention!" Mrs.Glore mumbled, sliding his fingers across the chalk. "LUNA, I AM TIRED OF YOUR TALKING DOWN TO THE PRINICIPLE!" Mrs.Glore shouted her voice ringing through the classroom. Pointing her finger towards the door, which was left open, making the dent noticable.

Brisk snickered as Luna was getting in trouble. Sitting dow, sliding his feet ontop of another student desk. Getting out his notebook, and a broken pen. Ripping paper from a notebook, sticking them inside the pen. Taking a deep breathe, Brisk let the spit ball release from the pen. lnading on Mrs.Glore face, quickly tossing the pen, and half the paper ontop Alex's desk.
Mrs.Glore wiping the salva filled ball off her cheek, glancing around the room. Spotting Alex with a broken pen and a piece of paper, that had been ripped.

" ALEX, YOU CAN JOIN LUNA NOW!!!!!!!!!!" Mrs.Glore yelled, pointing her face at the door.


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