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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

OOC: What is this about mouths that Ivy is laughing at? Yue has nothing on her mouth/lips!

Suddenly, a finger tapped Yue's desk. Her head shifted instantly towards Ivy, being a little nervous, but seeing it was just Ivy, she began to calm down. Yue then proceeds to respond to Ivy.

"I- I'm ok... thanks," replies Yue, trying to manage a smile, but fails miserably.

Yue's head is focused back into her notes, still shaking slightly, but more calm. Yue liked sitting next to Ivy. She always seemed like a caring person to Yue, and even though she often mentions the very things Yue tries to hide, the girl is supportive of Yue and always seems to try and help. While Yue takes notes, her head buried in her notebook, a shadow overcame her, which scared the **** out of Yue, before she could move, the boy leans against her head with his back, stretching. Yue was now shaking wildly out of fear. She never had a liking for boys, but this one was pretty damn scary. Of course, Brisk and Alex took the cake for the most terrifying people in Yue's book. The boy soon turns around and apologizes, and although it was only simply a touch, Yue looked back at him completely horrified and shaking wildly.

Yue wanted to speak to be polite, yet she was too terrified of his presence. It was always a rough period for Yue, always being afraid of everyone, and having to sit next to an emotional girl, Luna, and a boy, Kaze.
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