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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: Internet sucks... I lost some of this post halfway through because of a linking disability my computer had and did my best to repair it.

IC: My teacher was trying desperately to keep all the student calm. For some reason she repetitively kept coming up to me, asking if I was okay. Each time I told her I was fine, yet she didn't seem prepared to leave me (or anyone else in the classroom for that matter) alone. The newly acquired gadget I had didn't seem to do much, if anything. The buttons which I randomly pressed occasionally produced small beeping sounds, but that was a bout all.

"What'cha got der?" a rather obnoxious jersey-wearing student asked me as he snatched away my toy. Before I could try and grasp it back he turned away. Soon the jerk started pressing buttons at random with his grubby fingers. His two cronies, also clad in sports uniform laughed, watching my dismay as their buddy tormented me.

The teacher was now tending to a small cut that a girl had received when the glass broke. Why couldn't she be over here now?

I tried to reach around him but he kept holding the electronic too far away from me to grasp. "Hand it over," I said sternly. The boy made no signs of complying. "Give it back, now." Still, he didn't make any motion to return it to me or even respond. "If you don't give it back, I'm going to hit you," I finally told him, not that I expected this to make any difference.

All it did was catch his attention. The three bullies laughed at my weak threat. I put out my hand so that he could place the device back into it. Even though it wasn't mine, I felt that the item belonged with me. He dramatically moved his had forward, but just before releasing it he pulled his arm back. The total stranger jeered, "Psych!" as he pulled away the thing from me/ His teammates laughed, and this time he joined in. He thought so little of me that he wasn't even watching as I swiped back my electronic and punched him in the jaw.

My instructor dashed over after she heard the crash of my target into the nearby lockers. She cried out, "What did you do Francis?" My eye gave a slight twitch, this teacher referred to everyone by his or her first name, and she seemed to have an inability to register that my first name was Adam. I totally ignored her due to the fact that she couldn't remember my proper name. "Answer me Francis," she growled angrily, clamping onto my right shoulder with her bright red, long, fake nails.

"Please let me go," I said firmly. "I don't appreciate what you're doing to my arm."

"Well, I don't appreciate what you've done to my student," she parroted sub-intelligently.

I sighed, how were we expected to learn anything from people like this woman when we could just as easily read a textbook on our own. We wouldn't need to wait for stragglers to catch up, and there would be no need to waste money on large education facilities. Even better, I wouldn't have to put up with people all day.

"Digithing behind you," I said quickly. Her face grew shocked for a split-second and she looked back to check if I wasn't tricking her. In her temporarily distracted state I pulled away from her grasp and bolted down the hallway. You never know what kind of excitement you can have in school, all you have to do is apply yourself! I ran into the stairwell and started to dart down them when I noticed something small and golden crawling up.

It was likely some kind of large rodent, was the first thing to pop into my mind. But I knew that that assumption couldn't be accurate. It was way to big for this part of the world, and most animals around here didn't have protective golden armour on their back and head. From the back of his head sprouted giant ears that split into three parts. Nor did they have big reptilian tails or big onyx claws on all their paws. The thing was overall like a big yellow armadillo. I didn't focus on any of these features for long, what I saw were his eyes. They displayed peacefulness and intelligence, not like any of the others the news had described.

"Thank the digigods," it puffed, pulling itself up one last stair. "I thought I was going to perish if I had to hike up any more of those things..."

He talks, he talks, I thought joyfully to myself. Even with his animal like features I had known what he was since we spotted one another. This was a digital monster, was it possible that he had come looking for me?
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