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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

I looked out the window again from my bed.

My heart raced in excitement.

From within the folds of my white hoodie, I clutched tightly onto the strange device that I had found only moments before. I didn’t know what it meant, nor why it seemed to do nothing despite the furious pushing of buttons I had pursued in after a second of revelling in its intricate beauty. It had a small little screen on it that showed nothing, and had strange buttons on the top corners and beside the screen. It fit perfectly into my hands, and was rather like a game consul. It was white with blue-grey buttons and padding on the bottom.

And it was mine.

There was a bolt of lightning from outside, and my eyes flashed out the window for what seemed to be the millionth time.

All of a sudden something incredible happened.

From above in the skies, the whole world seemed to be torn open at the top and many strange colors and designs showed behind it. They sparkled and shimmered for a moment, and then something unmistakeably clear appeared in it.

A world in the sky!

It was like it came from right out of a book! Or rather, from the news.

If I hadn’t seen a few brief shots of these occurrences on the news, I would’ve been blown out of my mind. For the past few months, strange things had been happening all over the world, and they were finally moving into my part of the world.

Goodness knows we need something to shake things up around this dull country…

Strange monsters had been appearing all over the world, and the last ones to have appeared, at least, to our knowledge – communication systems had been malfunctioning and glitching for the past few months – were in the northern states. That had brought my hopes up, especially since I lived barely half an hour away from the American border. These monsters, although ruthless and dangerous according to the general public, were probably just as scared as we were about all the strange happenings. I knew it. Something within me told me that my time was coming, and finding this strange device was the kicker for me.

I contemplated what to do whilst staring into the deep abyss of this new world, then all of a sudden a huge white orb appeared at the rip! It swirled around in a circle for a while, and then bolted towards Earth.

Even though it was kilometres away, I still felt the rumble in the ground as it hit. It was like an earthquake, or at least, I thought it to be, because I had never felt one before. A shiver ran up my spine at the sight of it, and my eyes widened in slight shock.

I felt my hands trembling in excitement, but when they stopped, the trembling continued.

I looked down with curiosity to the machine in my hands and my heart skipped a beat.

It was glowing.

I jumped to my feet, forgetting the tear in the skies just behind me. In my jump, it appeared that I had pressed a button, for a large circle with another circle within it had appeared, and a small dot swirled around between the two circles, behaving erratically with no apparent pattern. The little thing pulsated for a while longer, then stopped.

My eyes widened once again as I remembered the tear in the sky, and I whipped back around to the window.

But the sky was the way it had been barely a minute earlier: cloudy and dismal – only slightly abnormal weather for September in Canada.

I jolted with the sudden realisation of what must’ve caused the device to start acting up.


Looking down once again at the device, it was still moving around strangely, so I put the idea of the orb away and concentrated more on the machine.


Her sharp, piercing voice penetrated my thoughts and the floor, walls and door of solid wood. As usual.

I pushed the device into my pocket and tore out of my room and down the stairs, my mind still buzzing with what had just happened. Pushing my brownish hair out of my eyes, I found my mother waiting for me in the kitchen downstairs.

“It’s dinnertime,” she said.

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