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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

Stepping into the well-lit classroom was Ivy, her green eyes flashing gleefully. Her face slightly flustered from the extensive running she had done in gym. Ivy set her books on a desk by the window towards the back of the room, where she could day dream uninterrupted, and made her way over to a vent spewing out cold air. She bent over letting the cool air rush over her. It didn’t take long for her to cool down as her signature short shorts, the color black today, didn’t really cover all that much. Her upper body was clothed in a tight fitting red camisole wore under a white blouse, buttoned to under her bust so the camisole showed clearly and the sleeves stopping at her elbows, covering her unsightly green marks on her upper arms, and ending in slight cuffs. Ivy walked back to her desk and pulled out a small compact mirror and looked at her face, running her fingers under her eyes to clean off any eyeliner that may have smudged when she was sweating. Her bangs, that had been perfectly straight earlier that day now curled up on both sides giving the slightest appearance of horns. Ivy mumbled to herself as she ran her bright red painted fingers through it until they where relatively straight again. After checking her braces she put a piece of gum in her mouth and chewed it quietly. She opened her notebook and flipped the first clean page she could find and scribbled down Notes for the day (math) In her neat handwriting and then wrote the date and period next to it. Setting her pen down on the note pad she turned her attention out the window and stared dreamily at the landscape beyond the glass.
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