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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Normal Rank Standard Beauty Contest
TE vs Nightbreaker vs Marco vs Asila Reed
Weavile vs Lapras vs Charizard vs Breloom

Yeah yeah, nothing much to say here except that no one ever got the crowd boost of +5 since they always use Smart/Tough moves, well most of them. Marco almost wins it with 2 combos of Dance and Rage, and a Flamer, but Night have the Pokeblocks, so gg.

1st Lapras 317PTS
2nd Charizard 220PTS
3rd Weavile 150PTS
4th Breloom 140PTS

Nightbreaker wins, gets $2k and Normal Beauty ribbon.
TE and Marco gets $1.5 each.
Asila Reed got last, gets $1k.

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $18000

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