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Originally Posted by inyi View Post

The picture clip above is from the Pokemon Episode: "Lights Action, Camerupt!" a pokemon Season 7: Advance Challenge Epiode, Acoording to Ash, before he Start his very 1st Pokemon journey, and before meeting Pikachu, He used to watch a Pokemon Movie.. (Starring: a Pikachu,
a talking Clefairy, a boy w/ a red hat, & a Teddyurssa & Ursaring) What? teddyurssa & Ursaring? I Thought Prof. Oak said that theres only 150 Pokemon Known, so How could theres a Johto Pokemon on the MOvie: hahahaha (I think the boy next to Ash is Gary)..

Also in the 1st season of Pokemon: episode: "Who gets to keep Togepi" Misty told Starmie to use Ember while they were fighting to catch the egg from Team Rocket!
The link for the picture does not work.
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