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Default Pokemon Casewraps!

Pokemon Casewraps!

Press Release:
Casewrap products give owners the ability to add to their game systems a personalized new look. Wraps will be made available starting in May 2005 for current systems such as Nintendo’s GameCube®, Game Boy® Advance SP, and the recently launched Nintendo DS™. Consumers will be able to collect, trade, and show off their Pokémon characters as new wraps become available.

Expected street price:
$4.95us – GameCube™ Controllers, Game`Boy® Advance SP and Nintendo DS™
$9.95us – GameCube™

What is a Casewrap?
A Casewrap is a high resolution graphical vinyl that is applied (or wrapped) to a variety of items, ranging from computer cases, to game systems and mp3 players. These wraps have properties that create an easy install, removal and provide a timeless professional new look. Wraps range as simple as a panel sheet one can apply to a vast range of items, to complex precut designs to accommodate shapes such as buttons, vents, keys, in today’s peripherals. Used to personalize individuals’ items or as part of a full roll out business branding solution, wraps can be designed to find a solution to previously unavailable, expensive or timely avenues.

Official Casewraps Websites:

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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