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Default Re: NB's Reffing Log

djax94 vs Anala

1 vs 1
No Items

dj sends out a Geodude and uses Rock Polish. Anala has a Misdreavus with Astonish! Geodude uses Stone Edge, and Misdreavus tries to confuzzle the little boulder. Geodude holds through a bit and uses Stone Edge, but Misdreavus shares with Pain Split. Before Misdreavus could try another Pain Split, Geodude killed it with a criticial hit from Stone Edge.

djax94 wins- $1000
Anala loses- $500

I get $500
~Credit for Avi goes to Einlee x3

Originally Posted by We the Pichus...
I desperately need a sprite of a Snorlax wearing Lederhosen... don't ask any questions and I want show everybody else that picture... understood
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