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Default Re: How to be a trend*****

Part 4:

Random trendy stuff time! Yay!

Step I: Use the rectangular selection tool to create a relatively thick line towards the bottom of your sig. Not ON the bottom though. Fill it with white. Change it to soft light, opacity 80%, and add a 1 pixel black stroke to it. On this bar, add a stupid philosophical quote to it in small text. Use 04b08, smallfonts, or silkscreen. Remember to add ... to the end of your quote, and don't use quotes, or quote the actual person who said it. Make it low opacity, but still high enough to read.

Step II: Go on google, and google any word. Copy the search results. Paste it onto a text layer, use white, 1pt font, arial, sharp. Move this to a corner. DO NOT make it centered, either right or left, but not center. Lower the opacity a bit.

Step III: Create a new document, 2x2. Color the top left and bottom right pixels black, and leave the other two transparent. Edit->Define Pattern, save it. On your original document, go to edit->fill, and change it to pattern. Select the thing you just made, keep mode normal and opacity 100, press ok. Its a little dark, so lighten it up, change it to soft light and lower opacity till its good.

Step IV: On your layers window, click that circle which is half black and half white. Its towards the bottom bar. Select Color Balance, and a window should pop up. Although this entire option was designed to allow for multi-colored pieces with very vibrant colors, we'll ignore that. Just pick a color you like. Experiment if you wish.

Step V: If you feel its a little dark, nows the time to change that. Although you COULD use curves, its very difficult to explain how it works. I just suggest using the same halfblack halfwhite circle, only making a brightness/contrast layer. Change the settings till its good.

Step VI: Select the whole piece by pressing ctrl+A. Create a new layer. this is border 1. Edit->Stroke, do a 3 pixel border, black. Create a new layer. Edit->Stroke, do a 2 pixel border, white. This is border 2. Hold control and click on border 2. Now with your cursor, select border 1. press delete. Delete border 2 now. Now create a new layer. Press ctrl+A, and Edit->Stroke, do a 1 pixel border, black.

There, now you're officially a trendwhore. Use no skill and pretend you're skilled!

aye, i know, this specific banner was bad, but whatever, its how trendwhore sigs are made, i'll post up some other examples

EDIt: I realize, the following sig MAY be inappropriate for those under the age of two. If you are younger than... 53, do not click: Any inappropriate material is BARELY visible, but............ w/e not taking a chance

most of my sigs aren't made with these methods, but w/e, they are absolutely the easiest to do.

Alright, I googled brushes, temp. downloaded to desktop (I refuse to use them) and made this. Remember, NEVER credit the person who you downloaded brushes from. If you do, people will begin to doubt your omnipotence

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