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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!


Age: 11



Personality:Fenix is the joyful type. He always enjoys a good laugh. He has been known to be the most strange person ever but he has used that to his advantage. Now he uses that to be funny because of what he can do. Fenix can do a variety of funny faces that nearly always impress. When it gets to battling Fenix is extremely serious and concentrates very hard.

History:When Fenix was a baby his mother died. When he was 3 he got a scar on his back from a angered Draco. After 3 years that Draco considered him as a friend and followed him nearly every time he went outside. When he got to his first year of school he had already got the rank of 'Class Clown' and has had this for some time.

Draco(s):Extremix (Ex-treem-ix)

Draco Form



Description Of Your Species: The Phoenix Draco is usually yellow or orange. It is covered in a wide array of feathers and has been known to grab its prey with its jaw that has teeth with a extremely deadly pattern. When it is doing this it is usually airbourne. It also has a long tail that at of end it has 6 spikes pointed in any direction it pleases. Though this Draco may seem deadly if it is befriended it has been known to give the friend a scar that leaves it friend with the ability to communicate with the phoenix Draco's and it will protect its friend with its life. But when a Phoenix Draco is young it is usually white, this is what colour Extremix is.

Special Technique: Inferno: Able to turn its whole body into huge flames for around 30 seconds but usually enough time for its prey to be scared.

Personality:Extremix is very energetic and it usually gets itself in trouble with other Draco's because it wont stop moving. Most Draco's consider Extremix a annoying pest than a threat but when it turns to flame it becomes a bright white colour and burns anything on sight. Extremix is a great friend and can only be befriended with much kindness. It has also been known to eat a huge amount of food.

That was hard....0.0

Credit to Fire Pkm Master for the banner!!<(O0)>
My Name: Fenix My friend code: 0988 9600 5178
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