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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

OOC wow, that was some spam

Amie looked around the class, there were 4 rows of 6 desks, 3 windows along the west walls, shelfs along the east walls and the marker board in front of the class. The girl was tired of waiting for the class to start, so she chose to start writting a story " Shadow's mark" thought the teen, that was a good title. All of a sudden, Amie got really thirsty. "Exuse me, Prof, can I please go grt a bottle of milk" asked the teen, hopping that he'd say yes. Luckly, he did. After walking down a few halls, the tgirl realized yet again she was lost. "Oh great" she whispered, looking for a map.

( Yes, yes, Level 1, oh yeah )

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