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Originally Posted by eb90 View Post
Ev Spread = I know they suck
I don't like to use those items because they only give the one choice you have for the move
Leftovers > Focus Sash on Leaf and Glac = Done!
Flash cannon is a Move I love but I'll get rid of it.
Blastoise does have surf.
Oh it does have Surf. I don't know why Gold Groudon got rid of it. That was a bad idea.

If you don't like Choice items, use Life Orb. They'll boost your Attack or Sp. Attack way more than Wise Glasses/Muscle Band but still allow you to choose different moves.

Also, use Hypnosis on Lunatone. With a Trick Room, Lunatone can outrun just about any opponent and put them to sleep. This makes it easier for you to set up with Baton Pass.
But don't use Baton Pass on Glaceon. It has nothing to pass. Use Fake Tears, so your enemies will be much easier to kill.
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