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Originally Posted by aragornbird View Post
Your EV spreads are wrong. If you want to make a Pokemon defensive and that Pokemon's base HP is lower than their base Defense or Sp. Defense, then you should always Max out HP first. You'll take less damage by putting EVs into a low HP than a high defense.

That means every single one of your Pokemon needs 252 HP EVs.

About your items:
Never ever use Wise Glasses/Muscle Band. The power increase is too small and it will barely make a difference.

Don't use Focus Sash like that. Glaceon and Leafeon both have good defenses and can survive more than one attack. Use Leftovers on both of them. Focus Sash should only be used on Pokemon with terrible defenses.

Flash Cannon is a terrible move and should not be used. It's only supereffective against Rock and Ice (neither of which Blastoise has trouble with) and it isn't effective against any enemy that Blastoise has trouble with.

And why doesn't Blastoise have Surf? It's a pure Water type, so Water attacks are its strongest moves.
Ev Spread = I know they suck
I don't like to use those items because they only give the one choice you have for the move
Leftovers > Focus Sash on Leaf and Glac = Done!
Flash cannon is a Move I love but I'll get rid of it.
Blastoise does have surf.
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